Earn doing what you love

Shopping and sharing beauty!

Become a beauty “influencer”, a skincare expert, an entrepreneur; whatever your passion, from home or on the go, in person or virtually. Achieve your financial independence; either to help your family, catch up on paying bills or simply save to indulge yourself. Enjoy great benefits, incentives, and an amazing community that supports itself.

Award Winning Products

Coveted Japanese and Korean beauty products, skincare, hair care and accessories, home essentials, fashion, and much more! Our world-class products have earned the love of beauty and social media. Our goal in the Education and Development area at Avon is to provide an educational program that adapts to the knowledge needs within the Organization, to respond with confidence to constant change and the competitive market.

Ink Lasting Cushion
Foundation Slim Fit

Winner of the Best Beauty Award from Good Housekeeping magazine thanks to its fabulous finish.

Anew Hydra Fusion
De-Puffing Eye Serum

Included in the list of 25 products that will change your life.

Magix Tint Brightening
Tinted Moisturizer

Her beauty editors are obsessed: “It’s light, hydrating, loaded with antioxidants, and delivers just the right amount of shine.”

Green Goddess
Facial Oil

Our CBD Miracle Face Oil won the Best New Beauty Product in 2020 for Skin Care, beating out hundreds of products.

Go big

You can sell Avon part time or full time, you decide when! See what new AVON Beauty Reps like you can earn in the first few months.


on your favorite beauty products when shopping for yourself and for your customers’ beauty orders *


on your favorite fashion, home and wellness products when you shop for yourself and your customers’ orders *

* Orders of $ 40 +



in beauty products in your first five campaigns with the Camino al Éxito program for new AVON Beauty Reps


commission on beauty sales by joining the President’s Recognition Program

EARN $ 25

for each New AVON Beauty Rep you recruit by joining the Leadership Program

What your customers will love!

Create a personal and unique connection with your clientele. You will be up to date with the latest trends in the world of beauty and you can become a personal beauty consultant. With your first order as an AVON Beauty Rep, you will receive a credit, and we will send it directly to your home!

From anywhere

We cover your current needs with digital tools that will allow you to work your way: from home or on the go, at any time. Run your business virtually, with access to everything you need at your fingertips.








You can!

We make it easy and fun to learn how to sell Avon. We have a group of professionals prepared and ready to guide you in every step. A team dedicated to achieving your sales goals and another dedicated to your Education and Development.

You will find a series of content on our website and networks for free to train you with our products and learn how to sell them, including online seminars, and more, all ready when you are.

A beautiful community

Since college, when I needed extra money, Avon has always given me the flexibility my life has needed. No matter where I am living, Avon gives me the freedom to be a mother, wife, CEO of my own business and whatever I want to be.”

— Rebeca, AVON Beauty Rep since 2009

I love the freedom and flexibility of prioritizing how I live my life. Avon gives me a platform to help other families improve their lives as it has my family.”

— Carla, AVON Beauty Rep since 2017

The beauty of contributing

We are proud to support the most important causes.


Avon has contributed more than $ 800 million to organizations and causes that seek to fight or eradicate breast cancer.


Since 2004, the Avon Raise Your Voice Against Domestic Violence program has helped educate nearly 30 million women about domestic violence and supported more than 11 million, taking them and their families to emergency shelters and restoring their independence.

AVON will donate part of the proceeds from Purple Peace products to local entities that assist victims of domestic violence in Puerto Rico.

Frequent questions

As an AVON Beauty Rep you receive a 30% discount on your orders of $ 40 + in Beauty products (includes makeup, skincare, personal care, health, wellness and more) and a 15% discount on home and fashion products (You will receive a detail of the products with 15% in the Noticampaña).

Getting paid is simple.

To receive your commission, you must charge your customers the price indicated in the brochure, your earnings are based on the difference between the regular price of the brochure and the discount that Avon offers you according to the product you ordered.

For example, you sell a lipstick to a customer for $ 10.00,

Lipstick $10.00
*IVU 11.5% $1.15
** Order fee $0.50
Total Customer $11.65
AVON Beauty Rep Gain 30% $3.00
Total to Pay to Avon $7.00 + $1.15

* It is important to charge all your customers the SUT of the Total of their order.
** The charge per order is suggested and is the Total of the customer’s order.

If you don’t want to sign up through a Leader, don’t worry, it’s not required. Just leave the Leader field (we don’t have consultants) blank.

If you wish to register under a Leader’s group, simply enter their name and account number during your registration. If you do not know their account number and their name does not appear, contact your Leader to obtain it.

Order as often as you want, whenever you want! Our most successful AVON Beauty Reps place orders every campaign (every two weeks). To keep your account active and stay up to date, we suggest placing orders in each campaign.

Your contribution to ACS will be added and sent to ACS in a total amount.

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